NOTE: This is an “Emerging/Developing Brand”. It may be a great fit for your candidate but it is a higher risk with limited franchisees and validation. Talk directly with the Development Representative to understand their brand and presenting it effectively.

Dee-O-Gee™ is an emerging leader in the independent pet industry and on a quest to provide the best healthy care options for dogs and cats in your area. Dee-O-Gee offers a curated selection of natural pet foods, unique retail goods (toys, treats and gear), supplements, full-service professional pet grooming, self-service dog wash and dog daycare (Day Camp). The Pet Industry is a $60 Billion annual business in the United States and you can be part of this rapidly growing industry, utilizing their proven successful model. They are currently looking for franchise partners to extend their unique services and products to your area.

This is an independent pet supply franchise concept, including retail sales (pet foods, toys, treats, etc) and services (grooming, self-serve dog wash, day care). Dee-O-Gee started in 2008 in Bozeman, MT with 2 corporate locations and currently offers 8,000 square feet of space, spanning 2 locations with 2 unique concepts offering a combination of the above services and retail.

  • "smaller" concept has retail + self-service dog wash
  • "larger" concept has retail, professional grooming, self-service dog wash, dog day care

How to best present Dee-O-Gee to a candidate:  This is an unique opportunity to own a proven successful business model in a profitable and sustainable industry AND make a difference in people's and pet's lives every day, by executing the model. Dee-O-Gee locations will become a "hub" in the local community because the customers are in the locations very frequently - for grooming, dog/cat food, day care, etc. - so the franchisee will feel very connected to the local customer base. 

Click on the video link to learn more: Dee-O-Gee Franchise Brand Video 

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  • Retail

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  • B2C

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